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   We are specialized in providing simple and practical ideas, looking for the easiest solutions for the industry's challenges. We have the knowledge to offer only what works. Our team has a solid background in managing Offshore assets working for the main players in the Oil and Gas market.

 We can offer quality technical support allowing efficient management of your companies through the management of documentation and procedures making the operational processes standardized and safer.

   Develop your risk studies with those who understand operations and methodologies. HAZID, HAZOP, Bowties, complete Safety / HSE Cases. We have a solid database of studies and industry history for application in hazard identification and risk assessment activities.
Audits and Consulting in Mechanical and Operational Integrity
   If your company needs to know the actual mechanical and operational integrity maturity of your assets, we can help you. 
   We can use our procedures that are tested and approved by the most demanding players in the industry to give you the actual mechanical and operational integrity of your assets.
   If improvement is needed, TEKee can assist you in the adequacy of procedures,  systems and even the mindset of those involved to achieve the desired result.


  We offer complete solutions for evaluation and adequacy in all ANP Resolutions and Regulations applicable to the oil and gas industry, including ANP 02-2010 – SGI, ANP 46-2016 – SGIP, ANP 43-2007 – SGSO e ANP 41-2015 – SGSS.
  We can offer specific packages of work in certain practices according to the need of the client. We have solid experience in preparing units for Agency audits, as 3rd Party Auditors and Consulting.
   Our team has proven background on ANP audits and Rig preparation.
   We know how to evaluate your Company regarding Brazilian requirements, performing an optimized action plan and providing support and management for the adequacy to comply with NR10, NR -12, Nr-13 and NR-37 through the following activities:
   - Inspecting electrical systems and devices according to NR-10 requirements (hazard area and tool inspections, current injection test, pannels tomography inspection, and general maintenance).
   - Preparing an NR-12 inventory, conducting assets inspections and generating an optimized and cost-effective action plan to comply with NR-12 standards.
   - Boilers and pressure vessel inspections to comply with NR-13 requirements;
   TEKee already successfully performed more than 10 NR-12 vessel inspections and adequacy for drilling, production, and PLSVs vessels.
  TEKee is able to help you or even to fully manage maintenance activities such as between wells, wet docking, dry docking, 5 years maintenance and corrective intervention.
   We can manage the full preventive maintenance program of your asset, respecting all international and Brazilian standards and OEM requirements.
Acceptance CONSULTING FOR offshore units

  We can provide services ranging from support to the customer's team to the complete planning of acceptance projects. We have professionals available in all areas involved and we have a wide background in dry, wet docking and acceptance of Drillships and Semi-Subs for several clients.


  Find the most effective solution for your challenges. We provide engineering projects in compliance with current national and international standards.


  Keeping every system safe and up to date is our specialty. With extensive knowledge related to technical support for offshore units, we have proven efficiency in the execution of the following activities:

  - Elaboration, planning and control of engineering projects;

  - Studies of optimization and modernization of systems and processes, elaboration and control of KPIs.

 - Elaboration and review of maintenance planning and asset management, in accordance with manufacturers procedures and applicable standards;

Technical pENDENCY Management 

     We are specialized in simple and efficient ideas to solve all technical and operational audit-originated punches /  pendencies from clients such as Petrobras, ONGC, Karoon and Statoil, as well as Brazilian and international authorities such as ANP, Navy, Class Society and Ibama.
   Our team has a strong background working with Clients such as Petrobras, Statoil, ONGC and Karoon and with all  Brazilian and Class authorities such as  ANP, Navy, IBAMA, ABS and Bureau  Veritas.

  TEKee has solid experience in performing technical asset inspections in order to ensure compliance with Brazilian regulations, such as NR10, NR12 and NR13.

Procedures Management

  We can develop specific procedures related to the maintenance and operation of offshore units. Talk to us so we can develop a proposal that will meet your expectations. Improvement is always the drive for those who want to pursuit operational excellence. TEKee can help you on continuous improvement developing and managing  better operational and maintenance  procedures.


  If your unit is no longer operating we can offer a complete solution to deactivate it according to the company's expectations. Leave your unit under our responsibility and we can take it to the best economic interest location for Warm and Cold Stack and Layup, whether moored or at anchors, for preservation or hibernation. We have partnership with shipping agents in the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico, the Canary Islands, South Africa, Indonesia and Malaysia and we know the locations because we have already been there and we have made successful operations.

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