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   Our team has been working in the O&G market for more than 10 years  with proven background and excellent results in operational and asset integrity management. Our leaders went through key technical and managerial positions in Drilling Contractors and consulting companies working in Brazil and abroad.

  We have the expertise you need.

Carlos Gandolpho Jr
Sócio - Partner
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  Carlos Gandolpho Jr. has more than 8 years background in drilling operations and asset maintenance in the Oil and Gas market, having held positions such as Operations Manager, Maintenance Manager, Maintenance Engineer and Consultant in Drilling Contractors and Consulting Companies.

 He has a large background working offshore and onshore with drilling, completion and production units operating for clients such as Petrobras and Statoil.

  Prior to joining the Oil and Gas market he dedicated more than 5 years to the automotive industry, acting as a technical and commercial consultant using cutting-edge tools for the largest automakers in the world.

   He graduated in Mechanical Engineering at University of São Paulo (EESC-USP-2007).

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Sócio - Partner


  Rodrigo Batelochi has more than 10 years background in the O&G market, with focus on Offshore Drilling Operations and Asset Integrity for ultra deepwater drillships and semis. He went through key positions as Operational Manager, Mechanical Superintendent, Maintenance Supervisor and Maintenance Engineer on Drilling Contractors.


   He has a large experience in the O&G market, working both in offshore and onshore positions with extensive operations knowledge for Petrobras, Karoon and ONGC clients.

  Prior to joining the Oil and Gas market he spent more than two years in the automotive industry acting as a Manufacturing Engineer.


  He has Business Management MBA and graduated in Mechanical Engineering at University of São Paulo (EESC-USP-2008).

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