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Our services

   We have a wide services portfolio available for companies operating in the maritime support, onshore and offshore drilling and oil and gas production markets, with a proven background in:

  • Development and Revision of Risk Studies - Safety / HSE Cases, HAZID, HAZOP, Bowties, among others.

  • Development of Human Factors Engineering Studies and Analysis, including Human Reliability and Minimum Manning based on Critical procedures and tasks.


  • Audits and Consulting regarding Mechanical and Operational Integrity.

  • Audits and Consulting covering Brazilian ANP regulations - ANP 02-2010 – SGI (onshore facilities), ANP 46-2016 – SGIP (well integrity), ANP 43-2007 – SGSO (offshore facilities)-ANP 41-2015 – SGSS (subsea systems).

  • Brazilian standards inspection, adequacy and management (NR-10, NR-12, NR-13 and NR-37).

  • Maintenance planning management, according to OEM recommendations, API and Brazilian standards.

  • Offshore units acceptance consulting during clients audits.​

  • Technical Pendency Management.

  • Procedures and documents development and control.


  • Complete consulting solutions for rigs deactivation and hibernation (Warm Stack, Cold Stack, Layup), located in Brazil and also Worldwide.


TEKee has intelligent engineering solutions, focused on providing a high degree of customer satisfaction.


Our team has proven experience in the oil and gas market, having worked in large and market recognized companies, always adding value and safety to production processes.

We understand that offering quality services is not enough when costs are high and deadlines are not respected, and we are committed to ensuring the combination of quality, deadlines achievement and costs reduction.


TEKee's Mission is to provide excellent engineering services for the Oil and Gas Market, in order to generate value for the customer.


Our Vision is to be recognized as the leading provider of Engineering services to meet the specific demands of our customers and partners.

Our values are transparency, honesty, ethics, efficiency and technical knowledge.



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