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TEKee Team


  Our team has been working in the Offshore industry for over 15 years, with proven experience in operational management and asset integrity, having held management and supervisory positions in large market companies and technical consultancy for multinational companies.

  We have at your disposal a professional with the appropriate qualifications to meet your demands.

  We have more than 15 years of experience in Oil and Gas Asset operation and maintenance, having held positions as Operational Managers, Maintenance Managers and Maintenance Supervisors in Offshore Drilling and Production Companies.

  With proven and diverse experience in the market, our team built its background in the sector working offshore and onshore , in drilling, completion and production units of the main players in the market.

  We also worked developing solutions for the automotive industry, with technical and commercial consultancy, using cutting-edge tools for the largest automakers in the world. Furthermore, our experts have degrees in Engineering and MBAs from the best universities in the country.

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